Her Blood To Bind

10:23 AM

To escape the vampire who made her, a former dominatrix takes a job in Costa Rica as an English tutor to the children of a wealthy widower, but she discovers her new employer is just as dangerous as her pursuer . . . and twice as tempting.

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Javier & Olivia's story, a teaser...

Her hands were so small, too small to hold the strength they did.

She fingered his shirt's buttons. One by one she undid them, along with his carefully held self-control. Her cool fingertips skimmed his bare skin. He shivered with pleasure and felt the first stirring of his cock. He reached for her, to lay his hands on her hips, to pull her against him. Would her body feel as soft as it promised, or would it be hard as the ice in her eyes?

She grabbed his wrists and pushed them down, against his sides.

"Don't move, unless I say so," she said.

"I want to touch you."

One of her deceptively delicate hands clasped his chin. Her thumb pressed into the dimple there, as much a warning as it was sensual. He knew how quickly she could turn her touch into something dangerous, something visceral. She lifted his head slightly. Her blue-black eyes surveyed the soft, exposed flesh of his neck. His pulse pounded there, and he wondered if she could sense his nerves.

"Don't speak, either," she said.

He grunted, his breath catching from her command and the implicit threat of violating it. If she wanted to take charge, he could allow that, if it meant getting closer to this enigma of a woman.

She returned to his shirt, one button at a time, sliding her way steadily lower. When she was done, she stalked behind him and slipped the shirt from his shoulders. Instead of letting it fall, Olivia caught it at his arms and began to wind it in such a way that his hands drew together, the linen fabric tightening around his wrists. It pulled his shoulders back and pushed his chest out. His muscles strained.

"I don't trust you to listen," she said.

"I never list--"

She spanked him. Once, but hard enough to sting through his jeans. His cock reacted instantly, stiffening and scraping lightly on the zipper.


He never finished the curse. She wrenched the shirt around his wrists, and his back bowed. Her other hand wove through his hair and yanked his head until his throat was even with her mouth, her eyes sparkling with delight as they stared down at him.

It was so fast. Her strength stunned him, left him breathless. This tiny terror of a woman, as sleek and lethal as a jaguar, had subdued him. He wanted her. He opened his mouth to tell her so, to disobey her once again despite the uncomfortable position she had placed him in, despite the heat he still felt from the sting of her palm on his ass. Perhaps because of both. But she must have seen his lips part.

Olivia kissed him. Hard.

He had never been kissed like this. Her mouth claimed him, demanded he return her passion with equal fervor. Her tongue tangled with his, her teeth nipping his lower lip. He tasted tequila and something he couldn't name but wanted to drown himself in. His back ached from the way she held him bound in his own shirt, and his cock strained almost painfully. They were sweet pains, a kindling to stoke the fire rising inside him. She met his heat with a cool control. Every motion of her body was a graceful economy of movement meant to drive him forward as much as restrain him.

She abandoned his mouth, shifted his head to kiss his jawline, and ran her tongue along the pulse below. Her freehand swept across his chest, lingering over his hammering heart before sliding lower. She smelled of crisp night air and faintly of the ocean as she pressed herself against his side. The top of her head barely came up to his shoulder, but bent as he was and with her hands on him, he was under her power.

"I like this," she said, caressing the scar on his flank where a bull had gored him when he was younger. Small, gentle fingers caused him to tremble. She went lower. "And this."

She pressed her hand over his cock, cupped him through his jeans. When he moaned, she tightened the shirt around his wrists. She fit herself to his side, almost straddling his leg, her breasts brushing his bicep. It drove him mad.

"Please," he said, knowing full well that she would punish him for speaking.

In response, she bit his earlobe. This wasn't a playful nibble like those he'd experienced from previous women. Olivia pierced him, and he wanted to scream. Instead, he grunted as a wave of warmth and a sweet, painful pleasure swept through him. She pushed closer, seemed to surround him. She rubbed herself against him, suckling at his ear. Waves of pleasure crashed through him. It was enough to light every nerve afire. He lost his sense of time and place for a moment. Consumed in her. Wanting to be consumed by her.

He regained himself to find her licking her lips and whispering into his ear.

"The way you taste, almost perfect," she whispered, flicking his earlobe with her tongue. "But you think you're letting me keep you like this. You're playing at surrender, and I can taste the lie. You have no idea what I can do to you."

Lie? He wanted her to do anything she desired to him. He could surrender, right now. Just let her lay him down, undress him, ride him until they were both spent.

Olivia untangled herself from him, freeing his wrists and lowering him gently as his knees gave out. Why were his knees so weak? His head spun. He knelt before her and rested his head against her thigh. She stroked his hair. Her fingertips grazed his earlobe, which was throbbing softly.

"It will pass in a moment, Javier," she said. "And tomorrow, when we're both sober, we'll have a conversation."

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