Be Drunk

9:00 AM

“The beautiful is always bizarre.”
― Charles Baudelaire
As far as I'm concerned, Charles Baudelaire was a fucking genius. He was a French poet who lived during the 1800's and professed ideas of pleasure, beauty, the arts, and modern (at the time) urban life. Most of his quotable quotes were fairly scandalous, considering the time period, and he received both criticism and outrage from his peers.

But I believe good ole' Chuck had the right of it in his poem, "Be Drunk," or "Enivrez-Vous."

Upon first examination, the poem is funny in our modern context, but there is also a beauty there, an elegance of language. What Baudelaire is saying is not to get hammered every day (All right, maybe he is a little), but to be drunk on life. To be intoxicated by the pleasures and virtues existence offers, and to avoid the weariness of time.

It's a great sentiment for a Friday. The weekend is here, when time takes a break from grinding us into the earth, to our deaths.

So I tell you to go and get drunk. On wine, poetry, virtue. Be drunk on love, on your lover, on yourself. Be drunk with your friends or family. Enjoy your quiet time, your busy time, your naked time.

Or if none of that tickles your pickle, pick up a book, and drink the words until they fill you.

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