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Supernatural Sex, Hot or Not? Werewolves

9:00 AM

Werewolves and other shape-shifting creatures have long been fodder for horror writers. The image of the wolf exists to terrify our primitive brains, to keep us inside our huts at night and avoid wandering too far from civilization. The man-to-beast trope has been used as a metaphor for giving in to our darker, animistic natures, of falling to savagery.

But when romance writers dipped their pens into the werewolf world, we got gorgeous alpha males who search for their loyal, life-long mates. As much as there is horror in our animal sides to explore, there is also the basic urge to fuck. Werewolf heroes, well, they fuck like crazy.

But is it really any good? Sex with a werewolf: hot or not? You be the judge...

HOT: Growling in my ear
NOT: Barking at my neighbors

HOT: Thick hair, enough to grab onto
NOT: ...on his back

HOT: Biting
NOT: Rabies

HOT: Sympathetic during my time of the month
NOT: Has one, too

HOT: Rips his shirt with bare hands
NOT: Needs bigger clothing budget than me

HOT: Territorial about our home
NOT: Pees on bushes

HOT: Strength, stamina, virility
NOT: Drools, sheds, likes peanut butter way too much

HOT: Good with animals
NOT: Chases cat around the living room

HOT: Doing it doggy-style
NOT: Actual... doggy... style...

Anything else makes a werewolf lover hot or not? This series isn't over. I'll continue in future weeks with features on other supernatural studs, so stay tuned.

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